Watching the Eclipse with Rufus and David

Family and kid portraits during the eclipse in Bellevue and Seattle WA.jpg

Portraits of Rufus Watching the Eclipse...

...And when I say watching the eclipse, I mean rubbing his own tummy and scarfing fresh picked blackberries. David hooked us up with an old school eclipse viewing apparatus, a pinhole projector. Being in Bellevue (near Seattle), we weren't in the path of totality, but I still really enjoyed the crazy fast changing light and the Monday morning family time. Rufus was entertained by the "tiny moon" shadow cast on our poster. These photos I took of Ru (and David in the background) crack me up. I mean, watching him tuck his t-shirt under his chin and then run around shouting "tummy" and "run run run" just makes me laugh... I hope it makes you smile as well.