My New Mother Terror and A Seattle In-home Newborn Session

memories from those first weeks

The light is always on.

Rolling over, I push my cheek to your open mouth. I wait to feel your breath.
When that gentle exhale of milky air reaches my face
I savor a moment of relief.
The moment is a mere firefly of hope. It sparks and alights the night, it fades just as quickly.

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Motherhood Right Now

Motherhood is wanting to read books and cuddle my almost four year old forever. To press his little face against mine and kiss him and listen to his wild imagination. It is pride at a new word, a new friend made, a new song sung. It is wanting him to grow no bigger so that I can always hold his weight in my arms and feel his body fit against mine. Motherhood is also losing my patience when he asks for one more song, one more story, sixty-nine more minutes of cuddling before shutting his eyes and giving me a respite from the demands and questions that his quick little mind supplies endlessly. It is impatience and frustration at shoes not put on, meals left untouched, being told “no one loves you and that’s the truth.”

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Dallas TX In-Home Family Session | Seattle Family Photographer

I go home to Texas a few times a year and always love when I have the opportunity to photography families while I am there. The change in light and scenery are inspiring and fun. This session was particularly special because it involved David’s friend (and mine, but his friend first) from college. We went to college in Switzerland, so it was incredible to see Stephanie back in Texas, now married with two sweet boys. Thank you, Stephanie, for the chance to catch up, meet the fam, and document this time in your life.

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Jessica and Sofia | Seattle Studio Family Photographer

First of all, I have to tell you how amazing Jessica is. Her husband contacted me over the winter to see if I could take photos for them. They had just discovered that Jessica’s pregnancy was no longer viable and wanted to document that moment. I had the flu, so my sweet and talented friend Mandie photographed this devastating time for them. When I offered up mother’s day mini sessions I heard from them right away. I was stunned by how strong and incredible Jessica is. She is fully present with her sweet daughter Sofia. Their love was tangible.

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Becca's In-Home (and Fall City Maternity Session | Seattle Maternity Photographer

I have been photographing Becca since I started my company. She was a new mom and a new style blogger. I remember that she brought her husband, Jonathan, along for her session for support and help with the sweetest little red haired baby I had ever seen - Macey. The rest, as they say, was history. I photographed their family many times over the next couple of years. A family session at the site of their wedding, a studio session for photos for her blog, street and Pike Place Market Photos to show off her style. I have watched Macey grow into a hysterical toddler (go to Becca’s Insta Highlights and watch Macey talk about wine). I have watched Becca grow confident and then pregnant. Ha!

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Seattle Family Photographer | In-home Photos in Dark Homes

While we would all love to live in a house filled with windows and natural light, that is just not always the reality. Here in rainy Seattle, light can be an extra challenge. I really encourage families with babies and young children to have their photographs taken at their home and this is one of the concerns I hear time and again. My house is dark. From here, we have options. Here are my favorite two: 1) we can move your session to the studio and 2) we will make it work at your house.

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