5 Reasons You Need Professional Headshots

Do I Really Need Professional Headshots?

Back in another life, I actually used to be a professional recruiter! I was what you would call a headhunter; my job was to scour LinkedIn, looking for exceptional executive candidates who were ready for a new job. I spent hours and hours looking at the profiles of men and women with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Now this shouldn't be surprising, but once I narrowed down the list of people based on some key skills, the first thing I would notice (and the first thing on every profile) was their headshot! Good, bad, and ugly, I've seen it all. What I want to share with you today is why I believe everyone should have professionally taken headshots for their profiles!

Why You Should Get Professional Headshots:

1. To Nail Your Digital First Impression

First impressions are incredibly critical, especially in our digital world where you are always a moment away from losing someone's attention.  Now when you combine that with the pressure and competition of the job market, you need to find a way to stand out! Your headshot is absolutely the first impression you make, and you want to ensure that it looks phenomenal!

2. To Be Taken Seriously

If you take your career or business seriously, you should take your headshots seriously! They reflect your attitude towards your professional life. On your LinkedIn profile, your Instagram, or your business website, professional photographs will show that you are a person to be taken seriously. 

3. So That Potential Employers Will Notice You

People spend more time looking at your photograph than anything you'll ever write. People naturally study each others face, and its a well known psychological fact that we assume a lot about a person based on how we perceive them (even if it isn't fair!). If an employer or a client thinks you look friendly, like-able and trustworthy, it will get your foot in the door. 

4. So You Can Look Like You On Your Best Day

People also don't like being deceived. As a photographer, I would want to present the best version of you, but it would still be authentic and true to who you are today. Your photo should be up to date! You need to look like you currently look, and not like a tricky dating profile pic. ;)

5. To Build Your Confidence!

Me or any other photographer is going to make you look amazing. And once you see this, you will feel confident, and when you're confident it will permeate through your day. Once people see you are confident, that will in turn inspire confidence in you.

This photo of Rufus (by Lora Grady Photography) totally looks like a headshot, and I love it! 

This photo of Rufus (by Lora Grady Photography) totally looks like a headshot, and I love it!