Lello Goods Studio Tour

Dallas Artist Headshots and Studio Photos by Seattle Area Photographer Chelsea Macor Photography-13.jpg

Dallas Artist, Lori Buhrfeind, in Her Studio

Lori has been a part of my life since I was seven months old. It is a long history full of family and love, but today I want to talk about Lello Goods! Lello Goods is an ever evolving collection of ceramics, wall hangings, plant "pockets", and more. Her creativity really knows no bounds. Rufus and I stayed at her house this February and I was inspired every day by her creativity. It is amazing to watch someone who is constantly hatching new ideas and bringing them to fruiting with their own two hands. I seriously want one of everything right now as well. That driftwood and pink fabric wall hanging? Yes please. The plant pocket with the cactus? Yes! The gold leafed wood disk tapestry? YAS. I love it all. If you want to check it out in person, head to the Dallas Flea Style show on April 6 & 7.