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Ideas for How to Display Family Photos in Your House by Seattle Family Photographer Chelsea Macor Photography

Inspiration and Ideas for Your Printed Family Photos

I know I have said it many times, but your photos need to get off of your phone, out of the cloud, and into your home! In one of my packages I include advising, choosing, and designing gallery walls for your home! If you aren’t in Seattle or are interested in putting something together yourself, there are tons of resources out there. My personal favorite is the Framebridge gallery wall service. They have packages you can choose from, or you can send them the photos you are working with and they will design it for your space and send you need including a life-size hanging guide. If you type “how to design a gallery wall” into Pinterest you will find so many guides.

Below are a few of my favorite designs and inspiration photos for bringing you family photos into your home. And if you are interested, email me! I serve Seattle and the greater Seattle area with both family photography and design and framing services.

Organic Gallery Wall

This is probably the way I tackle photos in my home most often. Mostly because I just print and frame as I go and love an eclectic look. It is not for everyone, but it can be so soulful. You can add to it over time or take all of those photos and frames you have lying around and start nailing. I have a theory that if you put all of the things you love together, it will work. This style is great if precision is not a priority and you love collections.

you can organically add to it over time with vintage finds or new pieces.

GriD Gallery Wall

I love a good grid, it is extremely satisfying! Because this look uses matching frames, it is a good idea to start this on a wall or with photos that aren’t framed yet so you can make it uniform. This is a great style to use if you are a measure twice, cut once kind of person. Or if straight lines and even spacing just made your day.


Uneven grid

This is another favorite of mine. In our last house we had this space above our bed that was a little tricky because of the iron canopy that intersected your line of sight. So, we took painters tape and made a big square, and then like a puzzle, filled it in with photos and pictures. This look is great if you have a lot of pieces that need a little structure to really bring the look together. You can use a mix of frames.



The triptych is a high impact, editorial gallery wall. It makes a big statement and is perfect for over the sofa, over the bed, or any place that needs something special. This style is dependent on having three identical frames and uniform matting. It is lovely in black and white with large scale photos of your kids.


picture ledges & more

There are so many ways to get creative with your photos. I love using a photo ledge- and if you shy away from nails and commitment, it is the perfect way for you to interchange photos and play around with the look often. Here are some ledges in a range of looks and prices: Mosslanda from Ikea, Wayfair frame ledge, Target photo ledge.


Photos by Framebridge and from Here

The best ways to display and celebrate your family photos