Alyssa + Amelia at 4 Months

The part of my job that lets me know I have made the right choice in career is when I put my camera down at the end of a shoot and realize I'm grinning like a lunatic. That absolutely happens every time I am around kids, but Alyssa and Amelia also gave me major baby fever and dreams of having a little girl! Taking photos of whole families is obviously fantastic, but I LOVE mama and child shoots so much. There is nothing like it, so intimate and precious. I learned that Amelia loves to sit and stand right now, their pup will run into the room and tell Alyssa when Amelia is stirring from sleep, and Amelia goes by Dilly (Amelia -> Amelia Bedelia -> Dilly) and I mean.... So darling. Thank you, Alyssa, for letting me into your home. xo