Estrada Family Holiday Portraits

Bemis Building SODO Seattle Studio Family Session Natural Light Lifestyle Photography Session- Chelsea Macor Photography-10.jpg

Family Pictures @ Historic Bemis Building Downtown Seattle

When I first met Alyssa, I was completely frazzled. I was on a coffee date with her and Lora, and my toddler was diving into the street out front of Starbucks while I pulled a million things out of an overstuffed diaper bag. Rufus was a crazy nut and I awkwardly, and immediately, asked to hold Amelia. I can't resist a newborn! A few months later I got to take photos of Alyssa and little Dilly when she was about four months old. So, I was VERY excited when they booked a mini session for holiday photos. Miguel and Max joined in this time, and it was so fun getting to see Alyssa not only as mama to Dilly, but as a mother to her teenage stepson, Max. Max told me not to touch things because I would catch sepsis, and then followed that up with facts about sepsis and old buildings. His curiosity was so delightful to see. Miguel kept everything light and fun. He is obviously a great dad and the love of Alyssa's life. family is a super blended family, so I love seeing other families in this situation. I firmly believe that a family can consist of the people born into it, the friends adopted into it, anyone you choose. Growing and spending meaningful time with your "family" is just the most important thing. So, enough of my rambling. Just enjoy this gorgeous family and as you do imagine a tiny gorgeous blonde telling the boys to have better posture! xo