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Is Fog OK for Family Photos?

In a nutshell, YES! If you schedule your family photos during the fall in the PWN, there are several weather conditions you might have to contend with. Overcast days, rain, and in this instance, fog! A foggy day definitely sets a certain tone. It is a bit moody. I like the way it separates the subject a bit from the background. It is like they are in a little world of their own. As a PNW photographer I try to embrace the weather we have. It can’t always be done, but sometimes it works out perfectly.

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Family of Five Cozy Home Session Seattle

I had so much fun shooting Anna and Brian in their beautiful Seattle home. All of their children are absolutely beautiful, not to mention fun, silly, cuddly, and real. Oh, also, Brian has my childhood dream job of working with National Geographic! I think my favorite part of the session was seeing these older sisters, Nina and Mila…

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Arjun's First Family Photos

Amit and Jinita were some of the proudest parents I have ever seen! They are so smitten with little Arjun. They were affectionate, sweet, and honest about adapting to being new parents! We took their family pictures outside in the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and had so much fun.

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