40th Birthday Party at Green Lake Park

A Seattle Family Birthday Party and Photography Session in Green Lake Park

The biggest honor of being a family photographer is watching your client's family grow, celebrate milestones, evolve. It is such a pleasure, it really is. I photographed Bryce and Elise's family a couple of months ago, and couldn't believe how much Ezekiel has grown over that time. He is still the most chill baby I have ever met. The first time I saw him he was the perfect tiny wedding guest, after that he was a trooper during out home session, and at his dad's birthday party he was just a little angel again. 
Anyway, this party had everything happy summer memories are made of. Great food and cake from Joule, all of the fun floaties, sunshine, and plenty of friends and family of all ages. I loved it. Elise and I were laughing about how much fun the kids (and select adults) had with the floaties ON THE GRASS. They loved them in the water, but spent even more time playing with them in the park. Ha! Happiest birthday to you, Bryce! And many more...

Oh- and if you make it through all the photos, there is a little surprise at the end. 

For your viewing pleasure- Antonio rocking out! He is the best little ham.