Heidi's Newborn and Family Photos

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Laid-back Lifestyle Photography Session at Home on Bainbridge Island

Part 1 of Heidi / Bainbridge Boheme's Newborn and Family Session

There is a moment in every shoot involving a baby where the mother needs to do something... help a sibling, get a drink, grab a blanket. This is my moment. "Oh, I can hold the baby if you need me to." BAHAHA. The entire reason I do this job is to hold babies and take in their newness. Well, that might not be completely accurate, but it is one of the perks of my job. I held Inez and I can vouch for her- she is perfect, her little fuzzy head so soft, and those big eyes absolutely angelic. The thing is, same thing goes for her almost two year old brother. Jules was one of the sweetest, calmest toddlers I had ever met. Yes, he reached a breaking point and acted out. This always happens with toddlers and many older children as well during a session. But he loved cuddling his parents, talking about his new "baby sissy", and reading books. I was smitten with that kid. Heidi seemed SO pulled together and looked absolutely stunning and i need her to tell me all her secrets. For instance:

  1.  How does your hair look perfectly undone and your skin glowing on so little sleep?
  2. How are you not panicking that Jeff is about to be traveling for work for a solid month?
  3. How do you keep your toddler from being a maniac (I'm looking at you, Ru)?
  4. How on earth is your house so spotless?
  5. HOW??

Nearly two years into having a child I am just now starting to be able to get at least some makeup on my face a few times a week. I feel rather spastic at all times. Anyway, if you are looking at Heidi's beautiful blog, Bainbridge Boheme, and you think it looks too good or too picturesque to be true. It's not. She threw a going away party for Jeff the night of the shoot and apparently woke up, cleaned the whole house and made bread from a yeast starter ... WHAT? She is amazing. Enjoy her gorgeous family. xo