The 10 Best Photo Gifts for the Holidays

10 (1).png

While there are a ton of gift guides out there right now, I had to throw this in the mix. It is fun to share photos on social media or show a friend a pic from your phone, but there is nothing like filling your home with printed pics or making a grandparent smile all year long with a photo calendar. I wasn’t sure if anyone beyond the most dedicated grandparents liked getting photo gifts, but omg, they really do. All of my clients have the option of ordering custom albums for themselves or as gifts and I absolutely love making them.

I also wanted to say that I have ordered from all of these companies and vouch for them! I even misspelled something using Pinhole Press, and they reprinted in time for Christmas at no cost. :) This is not a sponsored post. I just love these things.

  1. Wooden Hanger with Print, Artifact Uprising
    I have this (also sold at Parabo Press ) and I love it! It is easy to change out the photos and is such a pretty way to display pics.

  2. Photo Puzzle, Pinhole Press
    If you have puzzle lovers in your fam-this is so fun! I have given it to grandparents and it is a big hit.

  3. Large Photo Calendar, Pinhole Press
    Before I was a mama I didn’t know if people actually liked receiving these- Um, YES! They really do. Not just grandparents, everyone special in your family’s life.

  4. Cork & Brass Print Stand with Prints, Artifact Uprising
    So pretty for a desk or shelf. Enough said.

  5. Chatbooks Series
    I spend a lot of time with photos…but I am still guilty of not making a traditional baby book for Rufus. However, I upload pics of him to Instagram and Chatbooks automatically makes and sends me books full of Ru pics and captions that described him at the time. It is THE BEST!

  6. Wooden Photo Ledge, Artifact Uprising
    Love this! Spice up a little wall space with this beauty.

  7. Chatbooks Book Stand, Chatbooks
    Perfect to store your Chatbooks or any small photo albums.

  8. Weekly Photo Notepad, Pinhole Press
    I am always writing things on sticky notes for daily reminders, this is so perfect and the cutest!

  9. Float Frame, Artifact Uprising
    Any framed print is special and so important for your family legacy, but these floating acrylic frames are gorgeous.

  10. Copper Basket for Book Series, Chatbooks
    It comes in copper or silver and holds your photo books. I think I am ordering it for David as a Christmas gift, but really we all know that it was the perfect excuse to get it for our home.

Bonus: Brass Easel & Calendar, Artifact Uprising
I know a bunch of people who own this and are obsessed. Their quality is outstanding.