Seattle Fashion Blogger Fun and Photos

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Seattle blogger style with megan

It is always fun to photograph Seattle style blogger, Megan Pribble of Diary of This Girl Megan. I love the looks she puts together and the collaborations she takes on. She is working with Teatro ZinZianni currently, who has relocated to a beautiful spot in Woodinville, which is where we met up for her session. The glowy natural light and Megan’s fun look and personality was a winning combination. I love photographing Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland influencers because not only is it a fun way to diversify my work, but I get caught up on current trends as well. Also- I am always talking kid stuff with the families I photograph, so these interactions force my brain to remember how to have adult conversations that are non-kid related. Since bloggers are always creating content it means I get to see them more than the once or twice a year I see my families. Working with Megan always reminds me of how fun thrifting is and how I don’t really do it anymore… sigh. I have so many freakin goals and so little time. So, Seattle and Eastside style bloggers, hit me up! 

Megan's style session with fashion portraits in Woodinville, WA-7.jpg