A Guide to Family Photos with Toddlers

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A Few Tips That Go Along Way with Toddlers

What happens when one amazing blogger and one family photographer come together to help parents with a situation that can be absolutely dreadful? One guide full of tips and tricks to survive and, dare we say, love your family photo session WITH a toddler. Ta-da! Becca and I put a lot of thought into this guide. This guide is full of recommendations based on our reflections from both behind and in front of the camera.

For example- Rufus is a monster without his routines. One thing we do (and not just for photos) is prepare him. I start telling him in advance that we are going to do family photos. I tell him “You and Mama and Papa are going to take photos on Friday. We get to cuddle, hug, kiss, play, and listen to the photographer. After the pictures we can all go get ice cream.” He likes a plan, he loves family time, and he really really loves ice cream. This advanced prep goes a long way.

One thing that is not in the guide- bribes. Why? Because I forgot to include it. Lol. Rufus is seriously energetic. Oh, I mentioned that already? Well, he is. At home and in his quiet times he is super cuddly. He loves to snuggle and I love those tender moments. Those really reflect motherhood and our relationship to me. SO… in this case, when you have a specific goal, this is when I pull out the bribe. One gummy for one smooch. Another gummy for a hug around the neck until I count to 10. The counting is important or it will be so speedy you won’t know it happened.

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