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Mother, Child, and Big Love

Sometimes I think about how much I love Rufus. I think about how the sound of his cry makes me shoot out of bed and go running down the hallway. I think about how much I ached and yearned for him when I thought he might not be at all. I think about how a giggle from him, the arch of an eyebrow, can undo me completely

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A Guide to Family Photos with Toddlers

What happens when one amazing blogger and one family photographer come together to help parents with a situation that can be absolutely dreadful? One guide full of tips and tricks to survive and, dare we say, love you family photo session WITH a toddler. Ta-da!

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Annual Pumpkin Patch Photos

Normally I am not a cheesy photographer. I don’t like props, I don’t even always like people to look at the camera. However, I make exceptions. Our annual pumpkin patch visit is one of those glorious exceptions. Rufus and David love pumpkins and Halloween so much it is contagious.

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