Laurel's Golden Garden Senior Session

Laurel's Seattle Golden Hour Senior Session at Golden Gardens by Chelsea Macor Photography_-16.jpg

A Golden Hour Senior Session in Seattle

I might be a grouch. Sometime after I was a teenager, I started to think of teenagers and kids as “youths". When you read “youths” I want you to say it with a sneer and look of annoyance mixed with fear. Aka, “Ugh. Those kids didn’t even move to one side of the sidewalk. Youths! “ If you are thinking you missed something and I am really 85, I am not. Just have had the soul and bedtime of an 85 year old since I was maybe 15. When I started my business I shied away from senior sessions. I told myself that I didn’t want to take those photos because they weren’t interacting with anyone on camera. I thought I couldn’t relate and wouldn’t enjoy it. Wrong! First of all, they are interacting with me, with their thoughts, sometimes their family, and it is awesome. Secondly, Seattle seniors are laid back, conscientious, witty, smart…basically they are normal humans. Ha! I have learned to love senior sessions and really consider myself fortunate to get to do them. Yes, I still feel myself itching to pinch their cheeks and say things like “you are just a lovely young woman,” but I resist and enjoy the time!

Laurel’s session in Golden Gardens was everything you hope for. Gorgeous weather, clear Seattle day, sweet girl, beautiful golden hour light. She is a musician, cited several musicals, does volunteer work, and truly was a lovely young woman. Also- she told me that all of the kids these days want their photos in the reeds. Nailed it.