Rufus' Birthday/ Halloween Party

Rainbow, homemade costume, Halloween

Aka Rufus is the cutest rainbow ever

Rufus decided in September that he wanted to be a rainbow for Halloween. It was his idea and he didn’t waver. This kid. I only hope our sometimes brutal world doesn’t crush his sweet spirit. He loves to have his toenails painted, he cares about the clothes I wear and compliments his teachers outfits, he spent thirty minutes the other day pretending to be my mama. Don’t get me wrong, he loves trucks, balls, and all the “boy” things too. I just want him to be able to love what he loves without judgement. It is sad and just irritating.

Anyway, we had a little party for him. It ended up being pretty tiny, which was perfect for this easily overstimulated mama, I mean toddler! David throws a pretty good Halloween party and I make a mean costume. Enjoy this little rainbow.

PS- I love how disgruntled all the kids look in the group shots. It kills me.