Why I Photography Families in Cloudy Overcast Weather in Seattle

Family Photography Session on the Beach in Seattle Bellevue WA Natural Light Chelsea Macor Photography-20.jpg

Cloudy Weather in Seattle Can Create Beautiful Photos

And let's be honest...if I still lived in Dallas I could probably reschedule for cloudy weather, but that is going to be rough going in the PNW. I will reschedule for rain. I actually have a new way of booking for the fall that allows me to easily shift around plans in order to get your shoot done around the rain. More on that to come, but back to just plain old overcast gray skies. They can produce romantic, dramatic, cozy and stunning images. Overcast in the right setting might actually suit your family better than sun. Are you a moody, close knit, loving gang? Then overcast weather on the day of your family photo session might be just right.

Here is a session shot on an overcast day that I absolutely adore. It doesn't hurt that Cassie is the most adorable pregnant woman. I mean, she is so stinkin' gorgeous. Aaron was such a good sport and so affectionate with his girls. And Gabi. What can I say about Gabi that isn't obvious from one look. Gabriella is hilarious, charming, and beautiful. When we had our proofing session (at their home because my office was unavailable that day), she was sitting in her high chair on the deck, eating as many frozen raspberries as she could and putting on a show for me with her laughter and antics. I seriously love this family.