Summer Family Photography Session

Seattle Family Photography Beach Session Golden Hour Natural Light, Mom and Boys, sunset on the water by Chelsea Macor Photography-7.jpg

Photographing a Family of Six at the Beach

So, I think Megan might not be a human person. She didn't bat and eye when I told her that we would shoot in late evening for the best light. She hustled her way down to the end of a rocky jetty with wedges on and four kids, and she wrangled her children, who ended up pretty wet by the end of the shoot, with so much grace. I loved seeing Michael with the kids as well. He obviously has a great connection with the boys. Also- what a lucky guy! Gorgeous family with four boys, that must be so much fun. The older boys took care of the youngest and watched over them while I took photos of Megan and Michael alone, which was so sweet. 
The kids did so well during our time together and I loved learning a little about each of their personalities. That evening PNW light was on point and Megan had everyone dressed so beautifully. It was really just a gorgeous night with a beautiful and special family. Here are some things that went so right for this session:

Five Things That Worked When Photographing a Big Family Outdoors at Bedtime

  1. We scheduled the family photo session around the best light.
  2. The family wore a mix of patterns and styles for the photos.
  3. We were all flexible and understanding with the kids.
  4. I brought gummies to bribe the kids with. Ha! It totally worked too. 
  5. I gave directions and posed everyone throughout the session.