Five Reasons to Take Your Family Photos In Your Home

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Where to Take Your Family Photos:
Option 1 | At Home

I shoot family sessions in a variety of locations. Although I will always go over what is best for your family once we are in contact, I want to share some information about each type of location in order to help you choose. Today I'll highlight the reasons to pick your own house as the session location. First of all, 99% of my newborn sessions are held at home. When it comes to newborn sessions, it is a pretty easy decision. However, having a newborn is not the only reason to have a family photography session in your home. Here are five more:

Five Reasons to Have Your Family Session At Home

  1. Child Comfort Level : Some kids have a much easier time engaging with their family and with a photographer in their own homes. Little kids, easily overstimulated kids, infants, shy kids, kids with sensory issues, stubborn kids- the list goes on and on. In a familiar environment the warm up period is shorter. For the photographer, being able to be intimate and involved with the family can be much easier to achieve. In my photos I want to show you and your family connecting. I don’t mean happy constantly. I love photos where parents are comforting their child. What I want to capture are the moments when you are truly focused on each other, focused on loving and being silly and really just being yourselves. Having your family session at home usually eliminates one level of barriers to feeling natural and relaxed.

  2. Documenting and Creating Family Legacy: Pictures at home will transport you back to your daily lives, this period of your life, instantly. When I look at photos I have of myself at home with Rufus I feel SO much. Family pictures at home can show where you cuddle up as a family or even something you love to do together such as baking or reading. Your home naturally lends itself to a documentary and lifestyle type of photography that is at both current and the perfect way to preserve your family history.

  3. It is easy: Seriously. You don’t have to pack up snacks, make sure that you have extra clothes, worry about the weather (hello 9 months of the year here in the PNW), OR EVEN CLEAN. Your house is perfect the way it is, and we can shove aside anything that is in the way easily during a session.

  4. Window light is beautiful. Right now you might be thinking “ok, my kid would be comfortable, my house doesn’t have to be ready for House Beautiful, and I can ditch the snack bag, BUT my house is dark. Question for ya- does your house have windows? If the answer is yes, we will find the good light. It is my job to find the light in your house and tell you where to go. I will do that and it will be beautiful. I also come prepared with gear and tricks to maximize your light. Don’t worry about a thing.

  5. Getting cozy, vulnerable, and close. At your house we will never risk having to take photos in front of an audience at the park. If you are craving photos that show connection and the love and quirks in your family relationships, opening up in the place where you would naturally be open is effortless and fun.

I was serious about your house not needing to be perfect. It doesn’t.
* These reasons do not cancel out other locations- see my posts on outdoor sessions and studio sessions to see why those are great choices as well and might be best for your family.
* If you want to be in a robe or you want to be in a gown, either can work perfectly at a family home and I will walk you through it.
* We can always go for a neighborhood walk or pop into the yard for more variety or to round out the experience and photo session. Sometimes home is just what a family photography session needs.