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Newborn Session: What Should Mom Wear?

Your body after a baby is such a foreign thing. Even if you wait to do pictures until a month or so after your baby is born, chances are your body will still be very different from your body before you had a baby. I’m talking about achey boobs, pain sitting, and just feeling overall a tiny bit more like a zombie than a human.

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Five Reasons to Take Your Family Photos In Your Home

I shoot family sessions in a variety of locations. Although I will always go over what is best for your family once we are in contact, I want to share some information about each type of location in order to help you choose. Today I'll highlight the reasons to pick your own house as the session location. First of all, 99% of my newborn sessions are held at home. When it comes to newborn sessions, it is a pretty easy decision. However, having a newborn is not the only reason to have a family photography session in your home. Here are five more:

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