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Slings, Wraps, and Nostalgia - Why Wearing Your Baby in Photos Can Work!

Not all parents are into baby wearing. David wasn’t interested. I was a diehard. I loved wearing Rufus. I had a sling, a wrap, an Ergo…you name it. The first year of his life babywearing happened every day, and I continue to wear Rufus in the ring sling even now! Need to make breakfast, pop him in the back carrier. He hates the stroller, pop him in the sling. Going on a flight, don’t forget the wrap. Being worn has always worked a little magic on Ru- he calms down, he melts into me, he is snug. This is one of the reasons I totally support wearing your baby in photos. I have to say. I remember the morning we took these photos SO clearly. It was sunny and Lora said, come over, let’s take some pics. I put my greasy hair in a funky pony and ran over. This is not my most put together look or most flattering outfit, but omfg, I love these photos. So- get past your holdups to remember your part in your kids’ lives!


Five Reasons to Wear Your Baby in Photos:

  1. If your baby is fussy for pics (Rufus was SO grumpy when Lora took these six month photos of him. He was teething and a mess) and you normally babywear to soothe them, this is a great time for that trick!

  2. I am always telling moms and dads “ok, bring your baby closer to your face, ok, yes, closer.” Since your babe should be kissable in a carrier, they are right there in a snuggle position that works for sweet photos.

  3. To remember this time! The photos I have of Rufus in his sling and wrap, with his adorable little butt right there and his head resting on my chest, they bring on crazy waves of nostalgia. This was such a big part of our lives in the early days. If you babywear, why not document it!?

  4. The carriers are all so pretty these days!

  5. If you are feeling self-conscious, a wrap is a little security blanket, in a pretty literal.


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Top photos of me and Ru by Lora Grady Photography