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My New Mother Terror and A Seattle In-home Newborn Session

memories from those first weeks

The light is always on.

Rolling over, I push my cheek to your open mouth. I wait to feel your breath.
When that gentle exhale of milky air reaches my face
I savor a moment of relief.
The moment is a mere firefly of hope. It sparks and alights the night, it fades just as quickly.

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Becca's In-Home (and Fall City Maternity Session | Seattle Maternity Photographer

I have been photographing Becca since I started my company. She was a new mom and a new style blogger. I remember that she brought her husband, Jonathan, along for her session for support and help with the sweetest little red haired baby I had ever seen - Macey. The rest, as they say, was history. I photographed their family many times over the next couple of years. A family session at the site of their wedding, a studio session for photos for her blog, street and Pike Place Market Photos to show off her style. I have watched Macey grow into a hysterical toddler (go to Becca’s Insta Highlights and watch Macey talk about wine). I have watched Becca grow confident and then pregnant. Ha!

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Seattle Family Photographer | In-home Photos in Dark Homes

While we would all love to live in a house filled with windows and natural light, that is just not always the reality. Here in rainy Seattle, light can be an extra challenge. I really encourage families with babies and young children to have their photographs taken at their home and this is one of the concerns I hear time and again. My house is dark. From here, we have options. Here are my favorite two: 1) we can move your session to the studio and 2) we will make it work at your house.

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What is a "Fresh 48" Photography Session and Why You Should Do It!

When I was pregnant with Rufus, I sort of knew what a fresh 48 was. I got that the gist was a photography session in the hospital right after your baby is born. The only photos I had seen from fresh 48 sessions though, were of bloggers and influencers with their hair and makeup done (usually professionally) looking fresh and perfect and frankly, unattainable. At the time those images and the idea that Rufus would just be a little squishy maybe not cute newborn was enough to turn me off of the idea.

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Five Reasons to Wear Your Baby in Photos | Seattle Family Photographer

Not all parents are into baby wearing. David wasn’t interested. I was a diehard. I loved wearing Rufus. I had a sling, a wrap, an Ergo…you name it. The first year of his life babywearing happened every day, and I continue to wear Rufus in the ring sling even now!

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Baby Gabriel Best Thing Ever: An Adoption Story and Newborn Photos | Seattle Newborn Photography

This is one of the most meaningful newborn sessions I have ever had the privilege to photograph, but let me back up. Katie and I went to college together in Switzerland. It turns out we were actually next door neighbors in our first dorms, but we weren’t close at school. We had friends in common and our school was microscopic, so we knew each other, but it wasn’t until years after that we really connected. Katie started blogging in the early days of fashion and interior blogs and then started Matchbook Magazine with another college friend and through blogging, a love of design and antiques, and both being more than slightly neurotic we became long distance friends.

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