Jennifer's Fall Outdoor Mini Session

Family photos at Bellevue Botanical Garden, natural light with toddlers | Chelsea Macor Photography-5.jpg

Family Photos at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

Reasons why I love my job as a photographer:

  • Moms like Jennifer, who wear boho midi dresses to their family photos and will bribe her kids with Reese's if need be (spoiler alert, it was). Her adorable boys are almost EXACTLY 12 months apart! What?1 I told her she was amazing, and she said she wasn't... I think her reasoning might have been that she does whatever she has to do for her family AND her own sanity. To all my mamas- that is amazing. You showed up on time to a photoshoot with the whole family looking great. You just won that day.
  • Dads like Jon. He was so affectionate with his boys. I mean, there were a million kissing and cuddling photos. I love seeing gentle fathers. Before Rufus was born, David wasn't sure if he would want to kiss Ru on the lips. Turns out, he loves it, and I love it because I want Ru to see the men in his life being affectionate, gentle, kind, and loving. So, keep it up, Jon. You rock.
  • Boys like Cannon and Hudson- Energetic, fun, wild, loving. They were so dapper and adorable and it always makes me smile to meet other kids who rival Rufus in energy. 

We met at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, were we joked, laughed and took a few family portraits in the beautiful fall light. I smiled the whole time I was editing these photos. Thank you for picking me, Jennifer! Can't wait to do it again. xo