Lissy's Rehearsal Dinner Photos

Engagement and Rehearsal Dinner Photos Dallas | Chelsea Macor Photography Bellevue WA-8.jpg

Look at those love birds! Over labor day weekend I was a bridesmaid in my friend Lissy's wedding. She and Leon (LUCKIEST GUY EVER) were married at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas and we took a break on the evening before after the rehearsal to snap a few quick pics. I love them both and wish them every happiness. Lissy is an amazing combination of intelligence and silliness, history and pop culture, style and comfort and every single person who made a toast over the weekend or spoke to me about Lissy, noted how lucky they feel to have her in their lives. Let's just say I bawled like a baby more than once and left on a high from celebrating my oldest (in longevity) friend and her wonderful new husband. 

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