Portraits at the Pumpkin Patch

Bob's  Corn Family Photos at the Pumpkin Patch | Chelsea Macor Photography-21.jpg

Bob's Corn and Pumpkin Farm with the Family

A few weeks ago we took Rufus on a grand adventure to Bob's Corn and Pumpkin farm. We barely escaped the corn maze (that thing is no joke), Rufus threw himself head first down the gigantic pipe slides, David enjoyed corn, and I rode the cow train with Rufus many, many times. It was incredibly special to me to enjoy the season and my child's joy with my mom ( who lives out of state) and David. I never want to forget how Rufus called each individual pumpkin a "pumpkin patch," eg: "Oh, tiny pumpkin patch, so cute. One pumpkin patch, two pumpkin patch, three pumpkin patch"! Thanks to my mom and David for the last few photos on this post! xo