Rufus' Farm Party

Rufus' Farm Birthday Party | Chelsea Macor Photography-8.jpg

We held Rufus' birthday at Kelsey Creek Farm last week. The farm is actually right in the middle of Bellevue. We play there after school with our dearest Mara and walk from our house when the weather is nice. They have a beautiful park and brand new playground as well. It was perfect for Ru because he loves animals. One of his greatest gifts is naming animals and making animal sounds. Haha. I am not even kidding. He mastered those before learning how to say much else. So, obviously I dressed him up in his best farm attire and we met some family and friends at the farm. It was awesome and great to have activities included ( all of the kids LOVED feeding chickens) and the mess be out of my house. Here are a few snaps... As a photographer I am here to tell you to ask a friend or hire a photographer for events you want photos of- I am so lucky that Lora was able to take over for me when we cut the cake and finish the day out, but I forgot to take pictures of his cake and favors because I was busy orchestrating things and chasing my nutty birthday boy.  A long and sappy post about motherhood and Rufus at this age are coming up shortly. xoxo

*Rufus was so excited for his cake. He was in awe while we sang and then burst into tears when we took it away to cut him a piece...You will notice he recovered and really enjoyed shoving his face full of cake.