Taking Family Photos for a Photographer

Lora Grady and Family at Home by Chelsea Macor Photography

Photos at Home with the Grady Family

I recently had the exciting and daunting opportunity of taking photos of my bff, sometimes boss, and wedding photographer extraordinaire, Lora Grady. She is refreshing her website, so she needed both her traditional yearly family photos, headshots, and pics for her site. My nerves started gearing up (Lora has been in business for almost 9 years), and I was intimidated to be the one in charge. It turns out that I didn't need to be nervous! We had fun and as a client Lora was both bossy and super easy. I might get choked up if I start to talk about how much Lora means to me. She and I kept each other afloat during our babies first years. She had a difficult time during Eleanor's infancy, and with David traveling, etc I am having a hard time now, so we switched off a bit, luckily. Lora encouraged me to take the leap into my own photography brand and hires me as her second shooter and associate. She is a woman who sincerely believes in community over competition.  Last night Rufus dictated a list of family members to me during his supper, and it included Eleanor. They are like siblings...and not the sweet kind...but he still considers her family and loves Uncle Dan and LoLo. So. Enjoy these beautiful and sweet people, I know I do. xo