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Playful Family Photos in Medina Park

As I was driving to this session, I was thinking how I love photographing friends and their sweet children, but I also get more nervous than other sessions. I think switching into that mode where I am in charge, which is not what I am like around my friends on a normal day, can be a little uncomfortable for me... on the drive over and for the first five minutes. And then I know what I want and get bossy. Ha! 
I met Leslie and Mara in my PEPS group ("The PEPS experience strengthens families, increases family wellness, and prepares families to cope with life stresses by creating social, thriving neighborhood-based parent groups" ) when Rufus almost four months old. I don't know why PEPS doesn't exist everywhere, but it should. My closest Seattle friends are from PEPS and it literally got me out of the house and made me feel normal and less isolated after Rufus' birth. Mara is such a sweet girl. She is cautious and particular, with the biggest smile and cutest laugh. I just love that little girl. Rufus does too. He calls her "Mana" and when she leaves his line of site at the park, he runs around asking "Where Mana?" until he finds her. It is about the cutest thing ever. Leslie has helped keep me sane on many walks and park dates over the past two years. And the brainstorming for birthday parties- well, let's just say she knows all the best Etsy shops. Thanks, Leslie, Jason, and Mara, for letting me steal you away for the morning and play. xo