Rufus and Lemon

ru and lemon-2.jpg

About a month ago we took home the class duckling, Lemon. OMG! I loved her. She followed us around and went swimming in the sink and was just so much fun. And yes, Rufus loved her two. He mainly repeated these phrases during her stay:

"Come here, Lemon Lemon"
"Is she so yellow?"
"Aw, ducky ducky is so happy to see me. Lemon loves me, Mama."
"Is Lemon so cute and so tiny?"

I don't know why he almost always said her name twice, but I loved it. A duckling and a two year old cradling her saying " I love you, Lemon Lemon" is about the cutest thing that ever happened at our house. Rufus is also deep into describing things and seeking validation for his observations. We loved having her and I am now dreaming of a farm full of daisies and ducklings following me around in a line.