New Family of Four

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Renton Family Photos at Home and Outdoors

As soon as I stepped into Jordanne and Kevin's home I was blown away with their display of family photos! It made me so happy to see all of their pictures over the years hung up in their home. They also seemed so calm and together, despite having two children! This is something I can hardly picture in my mind. I don't know why. I used to nanny ( and spent a week alone with) an 18 month old baby and his twin three year old siblings, and yet, since having Rufus I can't picture how it is all done. And I want more kids... but the logistics just baffle me and are so daunting. So, I drill all parents of multiple children on their tips and tricks. Kevin and Jordanne really suggested divide and conquer as their primary method. Three year old Weston and six month old Merrick are in such different stages, but I could see the love between everyone and how much fun these two boys are going to have in the future! I loved taking a combination of photos inside of their family home and in the outdoor space behind their house. We also snapped a couple of photos with the apple tree that they planted when Weston was born! So sweet!