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Rufus in the daisies.

We are on a family vacation right now near Kingston. My mom and stepfather rented a house near the beach, David took time off of work, my cousin Katherine joined us and we are having such a nice time. We are ready to move to a small farm right on the beach and live a beautiful more rural life....with high speed internet and someone better get rid of all of these spiders. Ha!

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Summer Family Photography Session

Five Things That Worked When Photographing a Big Family Outdoors at Bedtime

  1. We scheduled the family photo session around the best light.

  2. The family wore a mix of patterns and styles for the photos.

  3. We were all flexible and understanding with the kids.

  4. I brought gummies to bribe the kids with. Ha! It totally worked too. 

  5. I gave directions and posed everyone throughout the session.

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