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In-Home Family Photography Sessions - Real Concerns and Successes from My Seattle Clients

It is no secret that in-home family sessions are my jam. I love window light, I love the comfort it brings to parents and kids alike. I love that the setting is meaningful and that we can always pop outside or go for a walk for even more variety. There is a magic that comes from in-home sessions that I just adore. However, I know that it is not always easy to envision the end product. You see your house in a completely different way than a photographer would, and under so many different circumstances. So, I took to the streets to directly ask my client’s who have had home sessions what their concerns were, what their reality was, and if they would do it again. And by the streets, I mean texting, emailing, and chatting.

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An Energetic and Joyful Motherhood Photography Session in a Seattle Studio | Seattle Family Photographer

I am bringing you another mother interview! Jessie won a session around Christmastime, and I photographed her family early in the new year. I now follow her on Instagram and ask for parenting tips constantly (actually, now that I am really thinking about it, I might be obnoxious. She is at home with her THREE kids full time and seems so content and like she has her shit together!

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New Family of Four

As soon as I stepped into Jordanne and Kevin's home I was blown away with their display of family photos! It made me so happy to see all of their pictures over the years hung up in their home. They also seemed so calm and together, despite having two children!

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