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Brooke & Prim, The Story of a Toddler Just Not Having It | Seattle Family Photographer

For most of my life I have prided myself on my Mary Poppins-esque gift with children. Since I launched my business I have been quite good with children…or so I thought. It turns out that I am good with children, and I have a crazy amount of patience for kids for sure! A patience that only extends to kids, mind you. Not waiting in line, not waiting for a text response, and certainly not for my husband. Rufus, my sweet insane toddler can hit me and tell me that no one loves me on repeat while I just offer to hug him and tell him that “You don’t have to love me right now, but I love you no matter what.” So, working with children has been natural and fun for me in my photography. Something happened in the last few months- the toddlers revolted! They have staged an uprising. I have had a handful of little ones this spring that are just not having it. No cuddles, no bribes, no kisses or laughing. Every time I walk away from these sessions I am giggling and confident. Did I have to give up on my prompts and games/tricks/poses? Yes! Did that mean ruined photographs? NO! Hopefully you take family photos regularly. Children change so much, it is kind of fun to document their moods and whims. I have never walked away from a session thinking that there was nothing beautiful captured.

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The Sweetest Mother and Daughter | Seattle Family Photography

Spending time with Jessica and Penelope allowed me some peace of mind. They were just this perfect little duo. In these photos when it looks like it is the two of them in their own world, it absolutely was. I felt in that moment that if I only ever had Rufus, it would be so special in its own way. On the other hand, I immediately wanted a sassy, snuggly, precocious little girl of my own. Jessica was a winner of my motherhood session giveaway and I could not have been happier. I love what Jessica says in her interview about how hard it is! Haha. It just is so much MORE than I could have imagined. When you are so invested on being the best mother you can be, it takes every ounce of energy and love, not to mention time, that you have. Here is Jessica and Nellie’s Seattle studio mother-daughter photo session and Jessica’s thoughts on motherhood:

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