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Brooke & Prim, The Story of a Toddler Just Not Having It | Seattle Family Photographer

For most of my life I have prided myself on my Mary Poppins-esque gift with children. Since I launched my business I have been quite good with children…or so I thought. It turns out that I am good with children, and I have a crazy amount of patience for kids for sure! A patience that only extends to kids, mind you. Not waiting in line, not waiting for a text response, and certainly not for my husband. Rufus, my sweet insane toddler can hit me and tell me that no one loves me on repeat while I just offer to hug him and tell him that “You don’t have to love me right now, but I love you no matter what.” So, working with children has been natural and fun for me in my photography. Something happened in the last few months- the toddlers revolted! They have staged an uprising. I have had a handful of little ones this spring that are just not having it. No cuddles, no bribes, no kisses or laughing. Every time I walk away from these sessions I am giggling and confident. Did I have to give up on my prompts and games/tricks/poses? Yes! Did that mean ruined photographs? NO! Hopefully you take family photos regularly. Children change so much, it is kind of fun to document their moods and whims. I have never walked away from a session thinking that there was nothing beautiful captured.

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The Advantages and Images of Modern Studio Family Photography

Gone are the days of matching rodeo outfits in front of a desert backdrop with the littlest child sitting on a saddle propped on a stool- that could not have just been my family, right? The misconceptions of studio work these days deserves to be addressed. Here are the concerns I hear from my clients, family and friends:

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