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Dallas TX In-Home Family Session | Seattle Family Photographer

I go home to Texas a few times a year and always love when I have the opportunity to photography families while I am there. The change in light and scenery are inspiring and fun. This session was particularly special because it involved David’s friend (and mine, but his friend first) from college. We went to college in Switzerland, so it was incredible to see Stephanie back in Texas, now married with two sweet boys. Thank you, Stephanie, for the chance to catch up, meet the fam, and document this time in your life.

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Becca's In-Home (and Fall City Maternity Session | Seattle Maternity Photographer

I have been photographing Becca since I started my company. She was a new mom and a new style blogger. I remember that she brought her husband, Jonathan, along for her session for support and help with the sweetest little red haired baby I had ever seen - Macey. The rest, as they say, was history. I photographed their family many times over the next couple of years. A family session at the site of their wedding, a studio session for photos for her blog, street and Pike Place Market Photos to show off her style. I have watched Macey grow into a hysterical toddler (go to Becca’s Insta Highlights and watch Macey talk about wine). I have watched Becca grow confident and then pregnant. Ha!

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Brooke & Prim, The Story of a Toddler Just Not Having It | Seattle Family Photographer

For most of my life I have prided myself on my Mary Poppins-esque gift with children. Since I launched my business I have been quite good with children…or so I thought. It turns out that I am good with children, and I have a crazy amount of patience for kids for sure! A patience that only extends to kids, mind you. Not waiting in line, not waiting for a text response, and certainly not for my husband. Rufus, my sweet insane toddler can hit me and tell me that no one loves me on repeat while I just offer to hug him and tell him that “You don’t have to love me right now, but I love you no matter what.” So, working with children has been natural and fun for me in my photography. Something happened in the last few months- the toddlers revolted! They have staged an uprising. I have had a handful of little ones this spring that are just not having it. No cuddles, no bribes, no kisses or laughing. Every time I walk away from these sessions I am giggling and confident. Did I have to give up on my prompts and games/tricks/poses? Yes! Did that mean ruined photographs? NO! Hopefully you take family photos regularly. Children change so much, it is kind of fun to document their moods and whims. I have never walked away from a session thinking that there was nothing beautiful captured.

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