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My New Mother Terror and A Seattle In-home Newborn Session

memories from those first weeks

The light is always on.

Rolling over, I push my cheek to your open mouth. I wait to feel your breath.
When that gentle exhale of milky air reaches my face
I savor a moment of relief.
The moment is a mere firefly of hope. It sparks and alights the night, it fades just as quickly.

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Becca's In-Home (and Fall City Maternity Session | Seattle Maternity Photographer

I have been photographing Becca since I started my company. She was a new mom and a new style blogger. I remember that she brought her husband, Jonathan, along for her session for support and help with the sweetest little red haired baby I had ever seen - Macey. The rest, as they say, was history. I photographed their family many times over the next couple of years. A family session at the site of their wedding, a studio session for photos for her blog, street and Pike Place Market Photos to show off her style. I have watched Macey grow into a hysterical toddler (go to Becca’s Insta Highlights and watch Macey talk about wine). I have watched Becca grow confident and then pregnant. Ha!

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Elise's Thoughtful Motherhood Interview and Photos with Her Boys | Seattle Family Photographer

Elise was my muse I awkwardly asked to model for me when I started my business, she grew into a client, and really turned into a close friend. She is on the front line of who I call when I start to doubt all of my abilities as a mother. One of the first friends I made outside of my PEPS group, I freakin love her. On top of everything she has a mix of chic and boho style that I adore. Her answers to the motherhood questions are so thoughtful. When she emailed them to me I wrote her back telling her they made me want to slow down and reexamine a few things.

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The Advantages and Images of Modern Studio Family Photography

Gone are the days of matching rodeo outfits in front of a desert backdrop with the littlest child sitting on a saddle propped on a stool- that could not have just been my family, right? The misconceptions of studio work these days deserves to be addressed. Here are the concerns I hear from my clients, family and friends:

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