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Elise's Thoughtful Motherhood Interview and Photos with Her Boys | Seattle Family Photographer

Elise was my muse I awkwardly asked to model for me when I started my business, she grew into a client, and really turned into a close friend. She is on the front line of who I call when I start to doubt all of my abilities as a mother. One of the first friends I made outside of my PEPS group, I freakin love her. On top of everything she has a mix of chic and boho style that I adore. Her answers to the motherhood questions are so thoughtful. When she emailed them to me I wrote her back telling her they made me want to slow down and reexamine a few things.

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Jayme & Ezra in the Studio | Seattle Family & Motherhood Photographer

I am so honored to share Jayme’s motherhood story today. She is still relatively new to this whole mom thing, but she is obviously an incredibly thoughtful and loving mom. Her birth story and the way she overcame the trauma is inspiring and incredible. I was so happy to have her and Ezra (OMG HE IS SO CUTE) to the studio in Seattle a few months ago.

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