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Caitlin's Motherhood Story : Addiction, Light, and Showing Up

This week I was thinking about all of the beautiful mothers I photograph. They teach me so much. From weird parenting wins to feeling seen in this modern day motherhood thing, which can be isolating and scary at times. I have decided that my new goal is to share more of these stories. I want to learn more from these mamas. One of the biggest things that I think we lack these days is community. Yes, there is the internet and books, but knowledge and fb groups are not the same as the tight knit communities we used to raise children in, filled with many generations and support.

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Mother, Child, and Big Love

Sometimes I think about how much I love Rufus. I think about how the sound of his cry makes me shoot out of bed and go running down the hallway. I think about how much I ached and yearned for him when I thought he might not be at all. I think about how a giggle from him, the arch of an eyebrow, can undo me completely

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